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biscuit 31.4 Grams 24 K SUISSE Gold

biscuit 31.4 Grams 24 K SUISSE Gold
biscuit 31.4 Grams 24 K SUISSE Gold
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  • Weight: 31.40g
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An ounce of gold bar 31.1 grams and a pendant (0.3) grams 24 karat. It is distinguished by an elegant and attractive design to be one of the most appropriate gifts that you can give to a sister, mother or even a friend, as it is ideal and suits various public and private occasions.


  • Bar weight: 31.1 grams ounces

  • Suspension weight: (0.3) grams

  • Caliber: 24 karat.

  • Case shape: heart embroidered on the sides with a wide catenary


  • 31.1 ounce gold bar with its luster and luster making it perfect for women's adornment.

  • Its distinctive design makes it appeal to different tastes.

  • Its distinctive shape makes it the best accessory to adorn it in weddings.

  • Perfect to present as a bridal net.

  • A pendant (0.3) grams, caliber 24, in delicacy, with a perfect and more attractive design.