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Biscuit 10.2 Grams 24 K

Biscuit 10.2 Grams 24 K
Biscuit 10.2 Grams 24 K
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  • Weight: 10.20g
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We must bear in mind that saving and hanging 24 karat gold bars has become one of the most profitable investments in our lives now. Ask for it and do not miss this wonderful opportunity.


Weight: 10.2 grams.

Caliber: 24 karat.

Structure shape: strawberry shaped with a flower engraved inside.


Its shape is very attractive, worthy of luxurious tastes, and it gives the neck a very attractive and distinctive appearance.

 The alloy is made of the finest pure gold, free from any impurities.

Saving the bullion is important and necessary these days, and it may have a beautiful good effect when selling it after a while, and it will bring us a lot of profit and benefit.

You can buy it and give it as a luxurious gift to someone close and dear to you.

One of the best yellow gold alloys out there.

It is beautifully packaged so it is easy to wear and always maintain.

Its price is perfect and exclusive for its high quality.

No matter how long it takes, its luster and value do not change.

Order it now and get it delivered quickly to your doorstep.