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Gold ingot 2.7 grams 24 K

Gold ingot 2.7 grams 24 K
Gold ingot 2.7 grams 24 K
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  • Weight: 2.70g
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2.7 grams gold alloy pendant, gold has become the last resort for most people in the current times, especially those who want to preserve their money and invest in something guaranteed, in addition to elegant gold designs as you can give it as a gift on Mother’s Day, which makes it a distinctive accessory that adds to the look More Of excellence and splendour, and therefore we have made sure in our store, the treasure of the desert, to provide one of the best gold bars that are designed in the form of comments that you can put in the chain and enjoy its distinctive appearance that will give it to your look, a gold ingot that hangs with a weight of 2.7 grams is now available in the store You can have it.


  • Product type: gold alloy pendant

  • Target group: women and men

  • Brand: Specially provided by Treasure of the Desert

  • Shape: alloy pendant

  • Weight: 2.7 grams

  • Design: An oval-shaped gold alloy pendant. On one side, you can write the name or any sentence you want, and on the other side there is an elegant prominent flower shape.


  • A gold alloy pendant characterized by a wonderful design, which helps you complete your look with a wonderful appearance

  • Its golden color also makes it ideal for use with all different looks in various colors

  • The best way to save and invest money