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Gold Biscuit 8 gram 24 KT

 Gold Biscuit 8 gram 24 KT
Gold Biscuit 8 gram 24 KT
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  • Weight: 8.00g
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Don't miss the chance to get a piece of art Round gold ingot

of the future in 100% pure 24 karat gold bar.


Weight: 8 grams.

Caliber: 24 karat.

Body shape: round.


The best productivity for it, because it increases with the passage of time.

Best purity purity.

The highest grade of pure gold

Objects made of genuine pure gold with superior quality.

Beautifully packaged to match its aesthetic, it makes the perfect gift.

Your wallet is safe from now on without worrying about worry.

Price for the best quality.

A perfect gift with its high quality.

We provide it to you at the best price in the market with an effective guarantee.