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biscuit 100 Grams 24 K

biscuit 100 Grams 24 K
biscuit 100 Grams 24 K
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  • Weight: 100.00g
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Buy now a 100-gram 24 karat gold ingot, at an unmatched attractive price, and enjoy many advantages that bring you positivity and benefit, order it now and receive it in the fastest time.


Size: 100 grams.

Caliber: 24 karat.

Body shape: rectangular.


 It is a very secure investment method for you, as many people prefer to invest rather than save money.

Made of the finest quality pure Swiss gold that is free from any impurities.

Its shape is very attractive in the shape of a rectangle imprinted with the queen.

The alloy can be hung in a fine-thick necklace and hung in the neck, giving you a very dazzling and luxurious look.

It will be the most luxurious gift that can be given to a loved one.

The best price in the market for the best quality ever.

Order it now and get it to the door of the house very easily, safely and as soon as possible.