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Gold Bar 5 Grams 24 K

Gold Bar 5 Grams 24 K
Gold Bar 5 Grams 24 K
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5 grams 24 karat gold ingot, your safe wallet no matter how long it takes, made of the finest pure gold free of impurities, which increases your look when wearing, order it now and receive it at an attractive price like no other.


Ingot size: 5 grams.

 24 karat gold ingot.

The shape of the hull: in the form of a rectangle with the emblem of the queen printed on it.


A wonderful and luxurious 5 grams 24 karat gold ingot made of the finest types of gold.

It does not change its color or luster, no matter how long it takes.

Its price is for the best quality available.

You can wear it will increase your look and distinguish you among everyone.

One of the most appropriate luxury gifts that you can give to a bride.

An investment for you over time when you buy it in boom times and sell it in times of bust.