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Biscuit 15.85 Grams 24 K

Biscuit 15.85 Grams 24 K
Biscuit 15.85 Grams 24 K
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  • Weight: 15.85g
3,898.05 SAR

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Take the last chance and get a half ounce 15.55 gram gold ingot and a 0.3 gram pendant, at a competitive price like no other, enjoy a very special and beautiful ingot, order it now and receive it quickly.


Weight: 15.85 grams.

Caliber: 24 karat.

The shape of the structure: in the form of strawberries, engraved with a flower on it.

Swiss gold net.


A very luxurious and wonderful necklace that gives the neck an amazing shape when worn.

You can buy it and save it for a while and then sell it at the time of the rise in gold prices and get a profit.

Made of pure Swiss gold, free of impurities, and its luster and luster do not change, no matter how long it takes.

Its price is very reasonable compared to its high quality and value.

The alloy comes in the form of strawberries engraved with a wonderful flower and is suitable for those with very fine taste.

Order it now to receive it quickly and at an attractive price like no other.