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Biscuit 1 Tola 24 K

Biscuit 1 Tola 24 K
Biscuit 1 Tola 24 K
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  • Weight: 11.66g
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Get 1 tola gold ingot with a weight of 11.6 grams, pure gold with the highest Purity 24 karat, and a ratio of 999.9, the highest grades of pure raw gold.

1 tola gold ingot specifications:

Weight: 11.6 grams.

Design: Rectangle printed with a queen motif.

Caliber: 24.

Features of 1 tola gold ingot

A gold ingot made of pure 24 karat gold.

It has been meticulously and professionally designed with a very distinctive queen image.

An alloy characterized by its golden color that catches the eye and lasts for a long time.

A special weight that you can give as a special and unique gift to the one you love.

You can wear it in parties and special occasions, it will increase your look and distinguish you among everyone.

 Distinguished quality that you can buy for a long time and its price is increasing day by day.

A very wonderful alloy, everyone who sees it wishes to be a queen of its beauty.

Get it from our store at a special price and high quality.