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biscuit 20 Grams 24 K

biscuit 20 Grams 24 K
biscuit 20 Grams 24 K
biscuit 20 Grams 24 K
biscuit 20 Grams 24 K
biscuit 20 Grams 24 K
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  • Weight: 20.00g
4,822.93 SAR

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Do not miss this golden opportunity and get now a 24 carat palm logo gold bar, and enjoy a very special alloy free of impurities and be an investment for you over time.


Weight: 20 grams.

Caliber: 24 karat.

Body shape: rectangular.


It helps you to make a profit if you invest it when you buy it in times of recession and sell it in times of boom.

You can put it in a frame and form a wonderful necklace and wear it that will increase your look and stand out from the crowd.

It is one of the best yellow metal alloys ever found, which does not change color and does not contain any impurities.

It is beautifully and distinctively packaged to be easy to wear and maintain.

It is distinguished by the palm tree logo on it, which increases its beauty and elegance.

Don't worry about the fluctuations of the economy and consider your safe wallet.

Made of 100% pure, genuine gold with superior quality.

Price for the best quality out there.

Order it now to reach you anywhere in the kingdom.