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Gold bar with name writing 10 Grams

Gold bar with name writing 10 Grams
Gold bar with name writing 10 Grams
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10 gram gold ingot , who among us does not love gold in all its forms and shapes and loves to own and wear it for adornment, as well as in order to invest in money and ensure that money is spent in something that retains its material value all the time, so we at Treasure of the Desert were keen to provide the best ideas in the best forms as well, The name writing bar is now available in the store at an ideal price, get it quickly.

Specifications of 10 grams gold ingot:

Product type: nameplate.

Target group: women and men.

Materials: Made of pure gold.

Design: an alloy that comes in the shape of a strawberry with some decorations drawn in its internal structure and the possibility of writing the name or any phrase on it, with a pendant from the top.

The weight of the ingot: 10 grams.

Suspension weight: 0.2 grams.

How to write the name: laser.

Slug in the name features:

Available in the best designs that you can use in decorating, with the suspension that enables you to install it in the chain in an easy way.

10 gram gold alloy suitable for all-time wear and even occasions.

You can write the name on the alloy by laser while ensuring the stability of the entire weight of the alloy without any impact.

Write your partner's name on it and gift it to her and enjoy the intense happiness that will overwhelm her immediately.

One of the best wise ideas to invest money in a safe way.