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Now you can get from our store a diamond pendant, the finest chains that give you charm and attractiveness, meticulously and professionally designed with diamonds and 18-carat white gold to give you a modern look, available at a special price.Diamond pendant with white gold specificationsType: diamo..
1,550.00 SAR
We have the magic of diamonds in a new form, a luxurious diamond pendant with white gold, with a thin and soft design, of the designs that women and girls love, and I have chosen for you the accuracy of design and creativity that suits your beauty and elegance, made of 18 karat white gold, available..
1,625.00 SAR
Get now through our distinguished store to offer the best modern jewelry on a diamond pendant with white gold studded with diamonds, designed with the finest materials that give you an irresistible attraction.Specifications of diamond pendant with white gold:Type: diamond pendantCaliber: 18 .CN - 20..
1,650.00 SAR
 Diamond  Pandant  on 18 K White Gold
Diamond pendant with white gold, a pendant that gives you a look and attractiveness, designed with the finest pure gold materials, as it is characterized by softness and elegance that complements your femininity and charm of your attractiveness, available at a special price that does not accept comp..
1,680.00 SAR
Our store offers those looking for the best diamond pendant with rose gold that gives you elegance, distinction and luxury, designed to suit the beauty of your femininity and elegance, available at a special price that does not accept competition. Specifications of diamond pendant with rose gol..
2,250.00 SAR
A diamond pendant with 18 karat white gold designed with high quality from the best materials of 18 karat white gold, inlaid with pure diamond lobes, its luster lasts no matter how you use it. It is available at a special price.Specifications of diamond pendant with white gold:Type: diamond pendant...
2,800.00 SAR
Diamond pendant with rose gold, a sophisticated design that gives you a distinctive look and suits all your times and your morning and evening looks, carefully and professionally designed to highlight the beauty of your modern look. Available at a special price. Specifications of diamond pendan..
3,100.00 SAR
Get now the finest diamond pendant with white gold designed for those looking for tenderness, smoothness, elegance and distinction, designed from the best raw materials of white gold and high-quality diamonds 18 karat, available with unbeatable quality and price. Specifications of diamond penda..
3,100.00 SAR
For lovers of attractiveness, elegance, luxury and distinction, get a diamond pendant with yellow and white gold, characterized by accurate design and quality of original materials. Available at a special price that does not accept competition.Specifications of a diamond pendant with yellow and whit..
3,400.00 SAR
Coin 22 k : 8 GramPendant 18k Gold : 3.8 GramDiamond : 0.27 KRuby Stone : 0.57 K..
3,950.00 SAR
Being a queen crowned with the finest jewelry designs, we offer you a distinctive and unique diamond pendant with the latest design worthy of only those with high taste, designed with creativity, luxury, quality and unbeatable splendor.Specifications of diamond pendant with white gold:Type: diamond ..
4,125.00 SAR
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