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Biscuit 40 Grams 24 K

Biscuit 40 Grams 24 K
Biscuit 40 Grams 24 K
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  • Weight: 40.00g
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40 grams 24 karat gold ingot, a wonderful ingot of the most luxurious and finest types of yellow gold in the market, which will be the most luxurious and wonderful gifts when presented to your loved one, do not miss this opportunity and get it now at the best prices.


Ingot weight: 40g.

 24 karat gold ingot.

The shape of the structure: in the form of a rectangle with the queen imprinted on it.


The best investment for you over time, you can profit from it.

40 grams gold ingot made of the finest pure gold.

Its elegant shape can be hung in a necklace and adorned with it.

Perfect for presenting the bridal net.

An alloy that increases your look and distinguishes you among everyone.

It is a luxurious gift when presented to a loved one or friend.

Its price is reasonable compared to its quality and purity.